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Introducing Beam Street

Despite our best efforts to completely ignore everything our parents told us about going to the dentist, we have to admit it. They were right. But going to the dentist doesn’t have to be what it was like when we were growing up. That’s why Beam Street is reinventing the dental experience for today’s guest, so after every treatment, you’ll walk out with a smile (and actually mean it).

Who We Are

Beam Street was designed with you in mind.

You’re tired of long wait times, old-school drills and devices, and impersonal appointments. You’ve got places to go and a schedule to manage and going to the dentist isn’t always top of the priority list. We get it.

That’s why we want to make it easy for you.

You want a convenient booking process, a customized treatment plan, and an easy solutionfor your specific needs. And you deserve nothing less than a first-class experience in a comfortable environment with state-of-the-art technology.

So welcome to Beam Street, where things are simply simpler. We’ll take it from here.

High Quality Care & Invisalign® Studio

All our services are provided by highly-skilled orthodontists and hygienists and they only do what they do best, so you can trust that you’re in the best of hands. No fear, no tears.

We have built a doctor-owned Invisalign® Studio for you to walk-in anytime without an appointment for a before and after simulation of your smile at absolutely no cost to you.

Where will your smile take you?

Check us out on your phone and you'll have the chance to see an immediate transformation of your smile with our Invisalign® Smile Viewer
  • High Quality.
  • The first Invisalign® Studio in New York City.
  • All of our Invisalign® consultations and personalized digital treatment plans are managed by qualified Orthodontists.
  • Try our Invisalign® Smile Viewer and see how your smile could transform with just one selfie (iOS & Android).
  • Fill out our smile assessment form and tell us how you would like to transform your smile
Try Our Smile Assessment

Transparent & Accessible Pricing

We believe dental care should be accessible to everyone, regardless of cost. That’s why we offer lower prices and alternative financing options catered to you. Our prices are listed totally transparently on our website, and because we process your insurance coverage ahead of time, you’ll never be stuck with a surprise at the front desk. Invisalign® treatment at Beam St starts at $2800 and can be offered with alternative financing of up to 5 years so you don't have to break the bank to get the smile you’ve always wanted.

In-Depth Treatment

In-Depth treatments are for patients with more intensive cases, who may require longer care. Remember, it’s about the journey, not the destination. (Okay, fine, it’s about the destination. We’ll get you there.)


Straight-Up Treatment

Straight-Up treatments are for patients with minor to moderate crowding, spacing, or rotated teeth. Let our team lead the way to a smile you’ll never want to hide.


Express Treatment

Express treatments are for patients with minimal crowding or spacing. Your teeth know what to do, but they just need a push in the right direction.


Esthetic Cleaning & Check-Up

Our thorough and professional services leave you with more than just a cleaner smile, but with a more confident and healthy smile. We care about how you look. Elevate your oral health with Beam St.


Need to brighten up? We're talking about more than just your mood. Our professional ZOOM! Whitening treatment will lift both your confidence and your smile higher.



No time to call in for an appointment? We get it. Easily book your appointment and fill out the required forms in advance with our simple online system. You’ll spend less time in the waiting room and literally no time on hold.

We can pre-check your insurance before your visit.

Insurance Check Insurance Check

You can book a visit right on our website.

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Our Services


Good oral hygiene is key to long-term health. Regular cleanings can prevent tooth decay, gum disease, and -gasp!- bad breath. We believe that getting your regular cleanings and checkups shouldn’t be hard. Our team provides honest and transparent care so you’ll be looking and feeling your best after every visit.

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Got a big date or a job interview coming up? Whitening your teeth can brighten your smile and give you that extra boost of confidence you need to crush whatever challenge comes your way. Our whitening services can be done in-office in as little as an hour and a half, or you can take all the products to go and whiten from home.

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Need a check-up and clearance for Invisalign®? We got you. Our in-house restorative dentist can treat any cavities that you may have and replace them with esthetically pleasing filling material that matches the color of your teeth. You won’t even notice them.

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The Beam Street Promise

Going to the dentist should be as relaxing and routine as getting a haircut. That’s why Beam Street is changing the way you take care of your oral health with accessible pricing, convenient booking, and a comfortable experience. So when you walk out of our space, you’ll never stop smiling.