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This is not your average dentist’s office.


Book Your Appointment

To book an appointment, use the online booking form or give us a call at XXX-XXXX. Select the service you would like and fill out the required information (your insurance form, smile assessment form, and dental history questionnaire)–Add links to these forms if possible.

These are not required in advance but will save you time at your first visit!


Arrive Early

If it’s your first Invisalign appointment, try to arrive 10-15 minutes early to check out our Interactive Experience Showroom.

These booths will explain more about the Invisalign experience before you are brought in to meet your orthodontist.


Get Started

After your first appointment, you will walk out with a new treatment plan!

This could mean a regular cleaning schedule, a new hygiene plan, or an Invisalign treatment plan.

The Beam Street Promise

Going to the dentist should be as relaxing and routine as getting a haircut. That’s why Beam Street is changing the way you take care of your oral health with accessible pricing, convenient booking, and a comfortable experience. So when you walk out of our space, you’ll never stop smiling.